Teaser Trailer: THE GAME (dir. David Fincher) 1997

“Admit to yourself that it sounds intriguing.”

so Criterion will *finally* be releasing David Fincher’s The Game this september, and i’m convinced that this new dvd / blu-ray will result in a serious critical re-appreciation of this late-90s gem. the extent to which Fincher’s film involves and provokes its audience in such a deceptively transparent thriller is remarkable, the movie’s structure operating like a reminder of the agreeable trickery upon which the cinema itself relies. and those stringy lines you see on Criterion’s gorgeous cover art? well, fans of the film will recognize the shape they take, but they also harken back to that element of manipulation that’s been integral to the film’s identity since the very first teaser trailer… 

CTG: I need to be honest, as fond as I am of this film, I’m unsure it is deserving of a Criterion release. I mean as far as “90’s twisty noirish puzzlers” go, it sure is fun, but there were superior efforts from the decade that should get a criterion treatment (The Usual Suspects, for example). Although I am intrigued by whether or not Fincher will oversee part of the transfer. Can’t wait to see how the Blu-ray looks. 

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    The Game (1997) Director: David Fincher Michael Douglas & Sean Penn
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